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Ole Bistro Inn, Lake Geneva Courtyard

About Our Inn

The property now called Lake Geneva Courtyard, featuring Ole Bistro Inn, wasn't always this beautiful structure enhancing the city and neighboring Historic District. The 60-year-old property known as 220 Cook Street, located on the west side of downtown Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, was once a graffiti-covered, dilapidated, four-family apartment building in dire need of some care. Having been on the market for many years, any potential buyers had experienced one problem after another.

In the summer of 2007, an offer was made to purchase the property with the condition that the building would be rezoned in order to operate retail and restaurant with indoor/outdoor entertainment. After many setbacks and countless meetings with the City's Planning Division and the City Council, this property was finally rezoned as Planned Development. This enabled us to proceed with the closing on the purchase of this property in November of 2007.

Restoring Our Building's Beauty

Renovations on the building began immediately, starting with the exterior. A new roof, windows, porch and balcony were incorporated into the design as well as columns, siding and rails giving this structure a Louisiana-style appeal. Then the renovations of the lower level interiors commenced. Beneath the stained carpeting were worn hardwood floors and when sanded and stained, became alive and lustrous again. Once completed with new windows, drywall, ceilings, and woodwork, this now highly desirable retail location was immediately rented.

As spring warmed the ground, the landscaping was underway. All original plantings were removed to make way for the unbelievable transformation that soon would be the talk of the town. From the stained and stamped concrete walkways to the gothic dolphin waterfall that greets you as you enter the grounds, our vision was coming to life. Hugging the new curved stone walls are dozens of rose bushes and various perennials. Little did we know that Old Bistro Inn would receive the Mayor's Beautification Award for Property Enhancement from the Lake Geneva Beautification Committee for our accomplishments.